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 Part 1
I think the funniest and one of the hardest things about going on a first date with women is that sometimes (most of the time) awkward transition from a date venue back to someone’s place. What makes it so awkward is the fact that both parties know there might be a possibility of the date ending with sex. The thing is that your chances of scoring at the end of the date are somewhat grater in the beginning and somehow get a little harder as the date get’s closer to the end. This is assuming that there was chemistry and your date actually went well enough that the girl is interested in banging you. You’ve touched and held hands, danced and made out, both are tipsy enough to wear if you did bang you’d both remember and have minimal regret over it. At this point you’d think the girl would say, “hey I’m having such a great time, why don’t you come back to my place and give me the reverse spider monkey”.

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 Part 2
Unfortunately a lot of girls aren’t like this. For some reason even if the date has gone swimmingly a girl will find a way to give one last protest as to why you two can’t keep the party going. Roommates, work in the morning, her place is a mess, she has mice, she’s not sure it’s such a good idea. She’ll give you the hard goal line stance and for real for real stack the box. This is why it’s important to plan and already have set plays ready for situations like this. Here are some quick tips. At some point in the date find a way to casually ask what time she normally has to be at work in the morning. This gives you a solid time frame so if it’s early you don’t stay out too late to the point you can’t come up for a hook up or make out session that leads to hooking up. At a different point find out how many roommates they have, the type of relationship that’s between them and if you can sneak it what they’re up to that night. Does she have one or two who always spend Thursday nights at their boyfriends? Are they single party girls who right now are taking shots at Lima. Maybe they might be prudes who never leave the apartment and frown upon her even drinking a glass of wine from time to time. Valuable information for you get early and think about going back to her place or yours.

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 Part 3
Try to drive, taxi or walk her back to her place. If her roommates don’t sound like they’re going to be a problem then most girls will feel more comfortable giving it up on their own turf if you can swing a way inside. I don’t suggest bringing them back to your place but then again I’m paranoid about girls knowing where I live stemming from a false paternity test result back in 06. Have a reason to come up. Once you get to her place don’t waste time trying to kiss on the street or in you car. The official goodnight kiss is the kiss of death! Have a reason in mind to get inside. You need some water, a nightcap if it’s early enough, remember something she talked about and say you want to discuss it even more inside, whatever. This is the only test you’ll need to give her, if she’s trying to bang she let you come in for whatever stupid reason.

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 Part 4
Once inside build up some tension. Let her show you around the place. Find a way to make a move but this is where the “fake goodnight kiss” should happen. If you’ve made out a little earlier on the date or danced (and you should have)then continuing with the physical should be no problem. Now move your kissing from her lips to her neck, wait for that slight seductive moan, and grab her hand and lead it to her bedroom. I’ve done the make out dance thing where you’re kissing and walking at the same time but I don’t recommend it. If you take away anything it’s this, if the date is going well and she’s obviously into you, don’t wait till the end of the night to come up with a reason to keep the date going. Girls want to hook up just as much as guys do the only difference is they want to tell there friends it was all the guys idea and it “sort of” just happened. Whatever helps them sleep at night.

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